Hello world,

Or, more specifically, let me say hello to you. I hope to have the opportunity to get to know you better in time, yet, for now, please allow me to say a few words about my intentions with this new website.

I'll dive straight in.

I want to make the most of being here. I decompose this into having an awesome time in the present, and taking action to quicken progress so that I can be in a better world in the future. I'm fairly in control of the former; on the latter: I'm 23 years old and I feel that on every front of my endeavors, I'm only just spreading my wings. Realism and humility about what one is able to accomplish early on would lead many to not act; however, a rational agent would maximize expected utility regardless of its position and so that is what I aspire to do ;).

So, this leads to the following question: how can I maximally drive the quickening of progress from my current and limited position? I do not presume to know the answer to this. Instead, I intend to let answers emerge through a multi-pronged approach. A number of these prongs are my own enterprises, simple prototypes, experiments, etc - and those I collaborate on with others. Aside from those, one prong is particularly relevant here: expression of ideas. I can, in my present state, develop my ideas and express them. Though causality is often difficult to gauge, I've frequently been surprised by what I've perceived to be the effects of me expressing my ideas. I do not underestimate the potential in this, and, therefore, I intend to leverage the expression of a few of my ideas through macgregordennis.com, and other online properties in time, in order to affect as much positive change as I can.

What is this going to look like? Any description I give at this starting point will likely be inaccurate because I expect the vision to evolve substantially, yet I can say that my overarching intention is to post whatever content, expression, media, etc, that I expect will most impactfully contribute towards progress. I've made the website simple to start with: just a rails app with text, minimal styling and some terms of use that I threw together. I have a vision for how I'd like to develop it and will move towards richer forms of expression in time. I'll likely funnel the majority of the energy I allocate to this endeavor towards what I view as most pertinent to the present, as our current state of reality is the foundation upon which our progress will be built. Mostly though, I'll just express what I think via a variety of forms of expression and iterate based on feedback that I agree with.

I'll begin distributing content through this website sometime soon. In an ideal world, the content will be thought-provoking, progress-spurring and will kindle opportunities for you and I to engage in constructive dialogue (for now, just tweet at @macgregordennis). I think this will be fun, and I hope that you share my excitement about beginning this journey together.